Ratty Muscle Cars

1999 and older vehicles

Car must "Look Like" a $5000 Vehicle 

No Nitrous! 

No Turbochargers / Superchargers

No Trans Brakes / Air Shifters

No Aftermarket Race Blocks 

Max Tire Size 295

Must have Mufflers

Must use Factory Style Suspension (No 4-Links)

Must be Registered/Insured

Must be capable of driving 50 miles the day of event

***SIDE NOTE*** If your Vehicle is an SS, R/T ect... It will have no effect on the "appraised value" instead it will be judgeds as if it came from the factory with a 6cyl. Example: a 69 Hemi Charger will be Valued the same as 74 Charger with a Slant 6.


Took our Duster to Utah for this Specialized Bicycle Commercial... Enjoy!

Hot Rod Power Tour '14

RMC Super Bee's first road trip!  

our projects:

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* Rust * Primer * Bondo * Faded Paint * Dented * Runs and drives *  

Upcoming Event:

#NoShineShitList & Bracket Night

Saturday August 26 

Meet @2pm Morgan County Fairgrounds Decatur, AL 

Founder's vision:

   "I am a Muscle Car enthusiast from way back, starting with my father buying my older brother a '70 Plymouth for his first car. I learned a lot from that car and was eager to learn more so I started a collection of old junkers myself. I have owned several Mopars, Chevys, and even a couple Mustangs. I joined the U.S. Air Force and because money was tight, I daily drove a semi-reliable '69 Dodge Dart, it was not the fastest thing, most efficient, nor was it dependable... But it did make me more open to the idea that not all Muscle Cars need to be Barrett Jackson show cars to be fun and enjoyable. The car had a one of a kind look that was sure to strike up conversation with strangers everywhere I took it! I met more cool people, got more leads on parts, and discovered some very rare stuff just because of the cars unique ability to make people talk. So the Ratty Muscle Cars idea was born, and it is an idea, it isn't a tangible cookie cutter car.... rather it is a style that reflects a hardworking enthusiast that want to enjoy an old car even when money is tight. My goal is to motivate people to pull their cars out of the backyards, barns, and garages.... fix what is broke as money comes available and drive the damn things! I feel you shouldn't have to wait until the kids are out of the house, win the lottery, or find a sugar mamma/daddy to enjoy the old car you have wasting away.... I challenge you to take a new approach next time you look at your not running project car... "

                                       Austin Griggs, RMC Founder

Mopar Nationals 2014

Our time at the Nationals