Ratty Muscle Cars

This Dart can be credited with starting Ratty Muscle Cars. The car was purchased from a friend in 2006 for $1000. It had a J-headed 318 which I quickly added the normal hotrodder touches to... Intake, carb, headers, cam, and loose stall. The car served as my daily driver for a good part of my 6 year career in the U.S. Air Force. 

The Dart pretty much kept me busy having something to fix or tweak on almost weekly! It taught me a lot and I had a blast in it everywhere I went! The plan for this car is to remain a budget street car, it is already set up to hook as I installed a Caltracs kit in the back with the bars and springs on top of moving the springs in with offset hangers and shackles. 275/60-15s fit very nicely after I rolled the fender lips and look great on the knock off Pro-Stars! I threw out the 7.5 Ford Ranger rearend someone put in it, in favor of an 8 3/4 with 3.91's and a Sure-Grip. I went ahead and upgraded the axles after i got tired of rolling around on mixed matched bolt pattern wheels, now having Yukon axles and green bearings. There is also a fuel cell, fuel pump, and battery in the truck. I will be the first to admit that it won't win any beauty contest but it certainly represents the budget beater class and thats what we are going for here at RMC.

'69 Dodge dart