Next Race: 

      Saturday, June 17, 2017

      *Meet @ Jake's Dragstrip

            "Bracket Night"

          Moulton, AL @5pm .

1999 and older vehicles
Car must "Look Like" a $5000 Vehicle
No Nitrous!
No Turbochargers / Superchargers
No Trans Brakes / Air Shifters
No Aftermarket Race Blocks
Max Tire Size 295
Must have Mufflers
Must use Factory Style Suspension (No 4-Links)
Must be Registered/Insured
Must be capable of driving 50 miles the day of event
***SIDE NOTE*** If your Vehicle is an SS, R/T ect... It will have no effect on the "appraised value" instead it will be judgeds as if it came from the factory with a 6cyl. Example: a 69 Hemi Charger will be Valued the same as 74 Charger with a Slant 6.

Ratty Muscle Cars

Rules and Regulations 

Racing Fees:.

Spectators -Inquire at Gate. 


 - Inquire at Gate

The Ratty Muscle Cars #NoShineShitList is a gentleman's race against automotive enthusiast with Low-Buck less than perfect project cars/daily drivers. This is purely for enjoyment so if you have a bad attitude and aren't a good sport..... stay home. Other wise bring out your Hotrods!!!   


Ty#NoShineShitList .