Ratty Muscle Cars

Tim picked up this Satellite sight unseen after a good friend called and said that his coworker was getting rid of it during a move and needed it gone. 

    After the car was delivered and we got to look at it we were blown away by how great of shape it was in! The car sat on the back burner for a few years but is now being brought back to life. Tim pulled the motor apart because the previous owner pulled the 440 out because "its Knocking" ..... What he found were destroyed main bearings with moderate damage to the crankshaft. A new crank has been found and it is undergoing a rebuild now.  

  The car is a Factory 318/Auto car with bucket seats and a console. It had been painted blue in the early 90s and even won some trophies in its hay day! The car will soon live again and it will be making a run at the 2017 Spring #NoShineShitList! 


70  Sport satellite