Ratty Muscle Cars


our bad day.....

There were set backs tho.... A failed axle bearing put us behind in the North Carolina mountains. Also a bushing from the strut rod eroded away and left the car difficult to keep in the road and chewed up front tires in record time. We did adapt and overcome! RMC drove 3 day in the Power Tour and drove the Super Bee 2100 miles!!! We made some new friends and had great time! We hope to see more budget Muscle Cars on the Power Tour next year! Contact us if you want to roll together!


The Power Tour for us started in North Alabama with a plan to head to the ALA/MISS state line to meet up with the Roadkill guys David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan..... We caught up with them and ran several hundred miles together. The RMC Super Bee found itself in front of the Roadkill cameras a few times so be sure to check out the link below on HOTROD's website! We report that we did a few blast down the road against the '55.... Losing to the BlaspHEMI each time, we did however do better at each fueling station averaging mid 17MPG vs the HOTROD guys' mid 16MPG! We even had to come to Roadkill's rescue when they ran out of gas!!!