Ratty Muscle Cars

We saw hundreds of super nice rides and a several awesome Ratty ones.  Like every year the racing was good, swap meet was booming, and the dyno stayed rolling all day.  We were a little disappointed with whomever decided to kill the fun at the Heath cruise by necking traffic down to one lane and ticketing people for even the slightest burnout.  Hopefully next year will be better.  Huge thanks for all the support you guys give us and we look forward to our 4th trip to the Nationals.  Check out our pictures and send us yours to rattymuscle@yahoo.com.

       Once we finished with the Hot Rod Power Tour the RMC Bee got stowed away in South Carolina until we trailered it up to Ohio for the 34th Annual Mopar Nationals. We had a great time and got to meet some of our fans, and hopefully made some new ones.  The trip was ultimately flawless minus one minor traffic stop for no license plate......which may or may not have been swapped to another vehicle.

'14 Mopar Nationals