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 We are starting this from scratch and has already shown to be an expensive venture! But you can help! Support us by buying our T-shirts and Decals! Or email us a picture of your car to RattyMuscle@yahoo.com 

Ratty Muscle  TV

Although we are not professionals, it hasn't stopped us from trying our luck at making a "Pilot Episode" for the very Ratty Cars that we love and frankly.... can afford. There are several shows out there that promote high dollar aftermarket parts and show off expensive restorations covered in shiny paint. Although we can appreciate a frame off restoration like the next guy, it simply isn't feasible for many of us to sink big money in our old iron, not to mention the time and work. So we turned our cameras on and hopped in front.  Showcasing some old rides that to the purest would say are "junk", "need everything", "are restorable", and "are going to waste"....

           All we have to combat that negative attitude is burnouts, floorboarded accelerator pedals, and more miles logged than their trailer queens could every dream of. These cars won't win any beauty contest but what they do is offer a stress relief for the working man behind the wheel without breaking the bank. Rat Rods have taken the automotive world by storm.... However, it is still taboo to do it to a Muscle Car.... Why? Whats the alternative? Let them sit until you hit the lottery or sell them because the wife says they just take up space? Why not just fix whats broke and get them out to enjoy without worrying about shiny paint, rechromed bumpers, and the fear that someone will door ding you at the Walmart parking lot???  Our goal is to influence more people into driving their "down the road" project cars...... Now.