Ratty Muscle Cars

The Orange Fender is from a wreck I had in the mountains of WV in 2015. All the replacement parts were sourced from friends for FREE!!!



Currently # 4

however replace the rear bumper, deck lid, and a fiberglass 6-Pack Hood. The floor was patched (not professionally I might add) but it keeps Wilma and Bam Bam from scraping up their toes. The under hood was rattle can restored. The interior was covered in the 90s and still looks about as good as green on green on green can look. A wooden steering wheel finishes things up nice in there when coupled with the 8 track that won't spit out the Jackson 5 tape. Once the car was rolling, running, and stopping attention was put towards appearance. Inspiration came from 70's dragracing. I wanted the car to look as if it were a speedshop promo car from that era. So I applied some date correct decals scuffed them to appear aged. Painted on the logo, added slapper bars, and mag wheels! 

         The Super Bee did not run when purchased and had been neglected for many years. The car needed a whole lot, but I had just gotten home from a deployment and I felt like i was up for the challenge. The wire harness was immediately doctored up, as the previous owner was starting it by crossing speaker wires under the hood.... The 440 was brought back to life but a rusted out valley pan warranted a deeper look. Squirrels had been dropping nuts in the motor so it was pulled in favor for a 383 I had built for another project. The car received little rust repair and is still under construction in that aspect. I did

383 Big block mopar

The engine block was found in the trunk of a 71 Charger out to pasture, it was bored .030 and decked .020. The crank and rods are forged units from a factory 66 Imperial 383. Pistons are Speed-Pro forged aluminum flat tops. The cam is a roller unit from crane and uses roller lifters. The rockers are 1.5 roller tips from 440source. The cylinder heads are aluminum units from 440source that use 84cc chambers. The 383 is fed by an 830 Holley double pumper through an Edlebrock Performer RPM intake. Exhaust is handled through factory HP manifolds coupled by Flowmaster mufflers. 


This 1969 Dodge Super Bee was wasting away in the Carolinas when we found the car. Faded paint and more than just surface rust, not running and also had a locked up rear end. We brought the car home to breath life back in it! The car now sports a fresh 383 engine and 727 automatic. We bought some vintage racing stickers and painted a logo on the door that would match the patina stripe around the rear. The project ended up much less expensive than a full restoration, yet is extremely fun and gets a lot of thumbs up on the street.